Jennifer Webb is a community leader who comes from a long line of dedicated public servants, health care professionals, small business owners, teachers and principals. Her family taught her the importance of hard work and the value of giving back.  

Jennifer’s career in public service spans over fifteen years. She has published studies on labor markets, urban development, and health care.   She also helped found partnerships to promote local economic development, fight community hunger, improve public education, and provide permanent housing for homeless families. 

Through her work with her small business, Jennifer is passionately working on fixing those most pressing problems in our community: transportation/traffic congestion, affordable housing, and community health. She is married and resides in Gulfport.

Jennifer Webb is committed to:

  • Responsive governance. Webb will show up to listen, not just to be seen, and put common sense solutions ahead of ideology.
  • Sound fiscal practices. Webb will work to return every Federal Tax Dollar Florida is entitled to and make certain our tax dollars are spent wisely.
  • Ensuring our communities have a say in local issues. Webb will fight to return control to our local governments, so you can influence decisions about your neighborhoods, communities, and cities again.
  • Encouraging a stable and competitive insurance market.  Webb will support policies that ensure homeowners have access to affordable insurance to protect their most important asset.
  • Protecting our drinking water and waterways. Water is our life and our livelihood in Florida. We must fight to protect our beaches through renourishment projects and our drinking water by investing in our infrastructure. The health of our environment, our families, and our economy is intertwined.
  • Innovation and accountability in education. In Florida, all students are constitutionally guaranteed a uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high quality public education. I will uphold the constitution and fight dangerous legislation like HB7069, while investing in evidenced-based, innovative solutions.
  • Championing mental health. My family knows first hand the devastation untreated mental health and addiction can cause. My sister committed suicide just 4 years ago, when she was 19 years old. No parents should bury their children. The cost of Florida's failure to invest in mental health and substance abuse treatment impacts our families, our communities, and our economy. Being 49th in mental health spending has become too expensive.